Thursday, April 11, 2013

Looking for Garage Door Service Specials In Denver?

A-Authentic Garage Door Service Co. is offering a $169.95 garage spring special in the Denver area. Additionally, they are also offering a FREE service call with repair. The second offer is valid when parts are purchased. Call 720-287-5177 today to claim these offers! To learn more, visit their website at: Colorado Garage

Now is the perfect time to call and get any Denver garage door maintenance work out of the way! Once the snow has melted and the temperatures are bearable, that is the time to have the professional come out to your house.

It is not recommended to perform any garage door repairs on your own. You may read many Do-It-Yourself articles and feel confident that you can save a couple bucks by attempting repairs on your own, but this plan can easily backfire. Your garage door opener mechanism is the largest and heaviest moving appliance in your house. To make it even more dangerous, this appliance hangs over your head. Attempting to make any complicated repairs or services to your own garage door opener can cause heavy parts to fall.

The garage springs are also highly dangerous to repair on your own. Garage door spring repair is dangerous because the springs are under a tremendous amount of pressure. If a spring were to snap, it could result in damages to your garage, vehicle, or yourself. The worst case scenario is that an attempted DYI garage door repair could end up fatal.

But fear not! A-Authentic Garage Door Service Co. offers 24/7 Denver garage door repairs to get your car out of the garage when you need it and get you moving on with your life quickly.